Mama May

Don’t want to do the cliché burnt toast in bed and luke warm tea?Here are some fun ways to spoil all the different Mamas in our lives.

1. Tried and true for a family of four - Eggs Bene, of course FoxtrotParlour have that, but a couple of other favourites on the menu includeKedgeree Traditional Smoked Fish with soft poached egg and homemade kasundior Malaysian Beef Rendang served with shredded pickled cabbage, cucumber,tomato and sesame salad. Or go continental with fresh baking from Little Breadand Butter.

2. Nana and the kids - For those that are sweet enough but can always gosweeter, Crêpes a Go Go will pile on that fresh whipped cream and nutella, for asavoury option you can enjoy smoked salmon on buckwheat. Or grab a coffeeand a cone – an ice cream sandwich from The Dairy and a coffee from any ofour cafés.

3. Everyone including the neighbour - Last year I spent a spectacularMother’s Day afternoon with friends and whānau at Bedford Soda, sitting at oneof their big tables soaking in the winter sun through the windows. There werehigh chairs for the little ones, beers for the uncles and cocktails for the Mums!The menu kept everyone from Master Two through to Nana super happy.
It was a huge hit!

4. Mama date for 2 - Chill out in the morning then leave the kids at home withDad, grab your Mum or Nana and head to Blue Breeze Inn, Go Go Daddy, ChopChop or Tokyo Club for delicious asian flavours, wines and a fun night. Youdeserve it.

5. Ants in your Pants - If you’re the type of family that just can’t keep still,then come grab some fresh bread, avo, cheeses and deli meats or hot chickenand have an adventure - try Coyle Park or one of the Herne Bay beaches for abrisk walk and bite or head to the Winter Gardens in the Domain.