Welcome to the hood.

We are super excited that we have not one but three new restaurants joining us at Ponsonby Central. Open for lunch and dinner, we have Olas Arepas, The Hidden Village and The Food Truck Garage. Now it’s even harder to decide on where to go and what eat. Here’s a little something about the passionate foodies behind the grill and what you’ll see them serving up.

The Hidden Village - Inspired by the flavours and culture of the food that line the streets of South East Asia, The Hidden Village is bringing the experience of street food to Ponsonby Central. Watch the flames of the wok, and tantalise in the aroma from the charcoal grill. Sit, relax and enjoy, or have your meal to take away.

The Food Truck Garage - Simple, fresh food that tastes good and does you good. We are excited to welcome The Food Truck Garage to Ponsonby Central for those of you who want a fast food done healthy.The Food Truck started as a TV show that shone a spotlight onNew Zealand’s unhealthy obsession with fast food. Their mission was simple - to create delicious street inspired food, jam-packed with nutrients, ethically sourced, and uniquely crafted. If you haven’t tried their food already, come in for lunch or dinner and you’ll leave with your tummy full, and your mind remorse free.

Olas Arepas - Sofia and Maurizio bring you the iconic dish of Venezuela and Colombia, the Arepa. A grilled gluten-free corn meal bun stuffed ‘til its bursting with fresh ingredients. Tasty enough as they are, I couldn’t help but ladle on the homemade chimichurri and hot sauce. The kids will love these too, you can even choose your Arepa colour, green (coloured with coriander and kale) or red (beetroot and chia seeds), or the original. You may have already tried their Arepas, their bright yellow food truck has already been a huge success at many festivals, markets and events. However, they wanted somewhere to call home and we were stoked they chose us!