Ponsonby Central is home to the creators, bakers and coffee makers in our community. Just as the kitchen is the heart of the home, we are the heart of Ponsonby. The place to meet, eat, drink, shop and just be social for the sake of it.

You can travel the world right here, with the tastes of Turkey, Italy, Thailand, Japan, China, Argentina, France, South East Asia and Venezuela all under one roof. With more than 20 eateries over 13 cuisines, you'll be left with one thing... a tricky decision!


With the constant ‘heart of Ponsonby’ ethos in mind, the first phase of the Ponsonby Central development is on the horizon. The overall expansion will see the site double in size. The first phase of the development is complete with our underground car park open with over 80 parks. The second phase is now underway bringing more retail, restaurants and offices to Ponsonby Central. The building blocks for this development, in the form of recycled bricks, have been delivered from Christchurch and are ready to be re-homed as the foundation of more eateries, more shops, and the addition of character office spaces.


Founder and owner Andy Davies, dreamed of bringing the overseas marketplaces from his travels to the Ponsonby community. After coveting the central Ponsonby building for years, the opportunity finally arrived to save the building from becoming another apartment complex and bring his vision to life.

The concept was to have a global dining experience, a place where you feel invited to come, stay and bring your friends to experience Auckland at an international level. So in 2012, Ponsonby Central went from a concept to a reality and here we are.

Andy pulled down the walls on closed kitchens to celebrate the people behind the food and open up the experience to all our senses. When you support Ponsonby Central, you support local businesses largely owned and operated by the people that created them and who are running the front line on the daily.


A sister project from the same creators as Ponsonby Central, Andy had a vision to create a one of kind stay in an urban location, without the luxe price tag. A new concept in the hotel space, The Convent sits in its own niche between a high-end hotel and an Air bnb experience. It fills a gap for those travellers who want more from our city than the four white walls we are used to. The original building has been preserved, restoring this historic masterpiece from its days as nunnery. Live like a local at The Convent, located in neighbouring Grey Lynn, only a stones' throw to a day or night out at Ponsonby Central.